August BP Tournament -- Schedule
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Tiered Gameplay

The Tiered Schedule is now available. Check out the Standings.
Please note that game times are 5:40 & 7:10 for the duration of the tiers.

Tier Rules
1. Game Times are set for 5:40pm and 7:10pm.
2. Strict time limit in effect. No new innings can start once the clock hits 7:05pm.
3. Grace Period: You must be able to field a team within 10 minutes of posted start time or the game shall be declared a forfeit loss. This rule is mandatory for teams to follow.
4. Team Reps are required to ensure that their team takes the field quickly each inning. Please hustle and respect the late game start time.
5. No ties. Should the game be tied after 9 innings, or beyond the time limit to start a new inning, another inning shall be played quickly - which will start with 1 out and a runner on 2nd. (Last out from previous inning will take 2nd base).
6. Home field is decided by coin flip.
7. Scores must be sent in immediately following your games. A $50 fine (and a potential loss) will occur if you fail to do so.

Playoff Information: The top four teams from each tier will make the playoffs with the remaining team(s) being eliminated (season over). #1 Rank will play #4 ranked and #2/#3. Winners will then play in finals. Both Rounds are Best of 3 and higher seed will have home field in G1 & G3. Playoffs are tentatively scheduled to begin on September 3rd.
Final Standings

The standings have now been finalized. Congrats to the Aces for their Regular Season win, marking their 3rd consecutive year!
August Boston Pizza Tournament

The August Tournament schedule is now availble. Visit Tournament Section.

Huge thank you to Boston Pizza for sponsoring our August Tournament! Make Boston Pizza your Team Headquarters this weekend and all year long! Join the Team HQ program for a chance to earn FREE FOOD for your team! You'll rack up a 10% credit from every visit simply by joining and entering your receipts online! Whether it's with the team after a game, with the family for dinner or with co-workers for lunch, all your spending can count towards your team earnings. Ask your BP server for a sign up brochure, or email for more info!
Upcoming Games
ORI 5:40
ROCK 5:40
HSQ 5:40
S Delaney
AST 7:10
BLAZ 7:10
DUST 7:10
S Delaney
Final Standings
Rank Team W L T F PTS
1 20 1 0 0 61
2 20 1 0 0 61
3 18 3 0 0 57
4 17 4 0 0 55
5 15 5 1 0 52
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May 21
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