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Final Round Playoff Schedule

A-Side: [1] Reds vs [3] CornBelters
G1: CornBelters 20 Reds 36 [Tuesday Sept 18] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
G2: Reds 37 CornBelters 15 [Wednesday Sept 19] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
Reds win A-Side series 2-0.

B-Side: [3] Free Agents vs [4] Frankis
G1: Frankis 23 Free Agents 13 [Tuesday Sept 18] [6:00pm] [Park]
G2: Free Agents 31 Frankis 10 [Wednesday Sept 19] [6:00pm] [Park]
G3: Frankis 26 Free Agents 24 [Monday Sept 24] [6:00pm] [Park]
Frankis win B-Side series 2-1.

C-Side: [1] Tailgators vs [2] Blazers
G1: Blazers 15 Tailgators 24 [Tuesday Sept 18] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
G2: Tailgators 18 Blazers 19 [Wednesday Sept 19] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
G3: Blazers 20 Tailgators 16 [Thursday Sept 20] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
Blazers win C-Side series 2-1.

D-Side: [1] Beercats vs [3] Cubs
G1: Cubs 18 Beercats 34 [Tuesday Sept 18] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
G2: Beercats 22 Cubs 30 [Wednesday Sept 19] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
G3: Cubs 19 Beercats 22 [Thursday Sept 20] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
Beercats win D-Side series 2-1.

Playoff Schedule

Tiered Standings are now final. The Playoff schedule is as follows:

[1] Reds vs [4] Orioles
G1: Orioles 28 Reds 13 [Monday Sept 10] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
G2: Reds 25 Orioles 18 [Wednesday Sept 12] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
G3*: Orioles 30 Reds 32 [Monday Sept 17] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
Reds win series 2-1.
[2] Aces vs [3] CornBelters
G1: CornBelters 38 Aces 12 [Tuesday Sept 11] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
G2: Aces 13 CornBelters 19 [Thursday Sept 13] [6:00pm] [Vickers]
Cornbelters win best of 3 series 2-0.

[1] Royals vs [4] Frankis
G1: Frankis 25 Royals 9 [Monday Sept 10] [6:00pm] [Park]
G2: Royals 0 Frankis 1 [Wednesday Sept 12] [6:00pm] [Park]
Frankis wins best of 3 series 2-0.
[2] Rockies vs [3] Free Agents
G1: Free Agents 10 Rockies 5 [Tuesday Sept 11] [6:00pm] [Park]
G2: Rockies 1 Free Agents 25 [Thursday Sept 13] [6:00pm] [Park]
Free Agents win best of 3 series 2-0.

[1] Tailgators vs [4] Wonders
G1: Wonders 14 Tailgators 29 [Monday Sept 10] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
G2: Tailgators 19 Wonders 17 [Wednesday Sept 12] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
Tailgators win best of 3 series 2-0.
[2] Blazers vs [3] Diamondbacks
G1: Diamondbacks 17 Blazers 26 [Tuesday Sept 11] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
G2: Blazers 29 Diamondbacks 20 [Thursday Sept 13] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
Blazers win best of 3 series 2-0.

[1] Beercats vs [4] Squatchers
G1: Squatchers 10 Beercats 17 [Monday Sept 10] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
G2: Beercats 15 Squatchers 6 [Wednesday Sept 12] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
Beercats win best of 3 series 2-0.
[2] Rebels vs [3] Cubs
G1: Cubs 20 Rebels 12 [Tuesday Sept 11] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
G2: Rebels 23 Cubs 8 [Thursday Sept 13] [6:00pm] [Lobbers South]
G3*: Cubs 20 Rebels 19 [Monday Sept 17] [6:00pm] [South Delaney]
Cubs win series 2-1.

Tiered Schedule

The Tiered Schedule is now available.

1. Game Times are typically 5:45pm and 7:15pm.
2. Strict time limit in effect. No new innings can start once the clock hits 7:05pm.
3. Grace Period: You must be able to field a team within 10 minutes of posted start time or the game shall be declared a forfeit loss. This rule is mandatory for teams to follow.
4. Team Reps are required to ensure that their team takes the field quickly each inning.
5. No ties.
6. Home field is decided by coin flip.
7. Scores must be sent in immediately following your games. Fines (and a potential loss) will occur if you fail to do so.
Tied Games: If game is tied after 9 innings, an extra inning shall be played with a runner starting on 2nd base (last out in lineup) and 1 out.
Note: Start times may have be adjusted to 540/710 based on sunlight as we near the completion of tiers.

1. The top four teams from each tier will make the playoffs.
2. The remaining teams in tier are eliminated (season over).
3. #1 Rank will play #4 ranked, #2 will play #3 ranked teams. Winners will then play in finals.
4. Both rounds will be best out of 3.
5. Higher seed from tiered play will have home field advantage in games #1 and #3.
August Tournament Schedule

The August Tournament Schedule has now been posted.

We would like to recognize our sponsor, Boston Pizza, for the tournament. $50 Gift Cards will be up for grabs for each win during the round robin games!

Make Boston Pizza your Team Headquarters this weekend and all year long! Join the Team HQ program for a chance to earn FREE FOOD for your team! You'll rack up a 10% credit from every visit simply by joining and entering your receipts online! Whether it's with the team after a game, with the family for dinner or with co-workers for lunch, all your spending can count towards your team earnings. Ask your BP server for a sign up brochure, email, or visit Boston Pizza Team HQ site for more info!

August Tournament Girls Ball

We will be piloting the Girls Ball during our August Tournament. Please take a moment to review the rules:

- An 11-inch green dot ball will be used for female batting.
- Teams will be provided with these balls prior to the start of the tournament. Don't lose them!
- The 11-inch ball shall be provided to the pitcher when a female is batting by the batting-team (typically the 1st or 3rd base coach should hold onto them)
- It is the batter/batting teams responsibility to ensure the pitcher receives the girls ball.
- It is the pitchers responsibility to ensure the 12 inch ball is brought back into the game for the male batter.
- Where an incorrect ball was thrown, the result of the play will ALWAYS stand. If noticed during an at-bat (e.g. after a ball, strike or foul ball), the correct ball shall then be brought into play, and the count will remain the same.

Standings are Final

Congratulations to the On Deck Aces who once again were crowned Regular Season Champions!

The Final Standings are now posted.
July Tournament Results

Congratulations to the Reds who once again were crowned Tournament Champions!

The July Tournament Results are now posted. Congrats to all winners!
Roster Information

Please review the Roster Information on the Rules Pages. Main Rosters (40 man) should be completed online using the SPN Online Roster and should be completed immediately. Tiered/Playoff Rosters (25 man) are submitted via paper/email prior to tiered gameplay.
Late Games & Last Innings

As of June 4th, late games have been moved to 7:45pm start times. No new inning can start after 7:30pm as of June 4th. We still ask that teams are ready to go for 7:30pm.
Approved Bat List

The approved bat stamp can be found the on the SPN website - click here for details.
Play Ball - Submit Your Scores

Let the summer officially begin! Just a reminder to please try and submit your scores immediately following your game. If your game is not played, please let us know as well. You can submit scores via the Contact Us link.
Team Names & Contact Info

Team Reps please take a moment to review the Team List to ensure your information is accurate. If you notice issues, please let us know.
Live Calendar Support

When viewing a team schedule, you now have an option to subscribe to a Live Calendar (Using Internet Calendar Sharing, ICS). This will add your teams schedule into your calendar application and will automatically update throughout the season with any new games (postponed/rescheduled/tiers) and the results of your games. If you are experiencing issues with any of the calendar features, please let me know.

Android Users: Android doesn't make it easy to connect to ICS calendars. I will try and put some instructions together next week on how to still utliize this feature using Outlook / Google Calendar App so it works in the same fashion. You can also select the "Add to Calendar" Feature on the team schedule page from your android device and it will add it to your calendar (however it will never receive any updates).
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