Postseason! Best of Luck!

July Tournament
Rules, General Information & Payouts

    *** Tournament Seeding ***
  • After completion of Round Robin Play teams will be seeded #1 through #24. (Seed #1 to Seed #24 on Championship Schedule)
  • Seeding is based on: 1. Record 2. Run Differential 3. Runs Against 4. Runs For 5. Coin Flip.
  • Seed1 thru Seed8 advance to A-Side, Seed9 thru Seed16 to B-Side, Seed17 thru Seed24 to C-Side.

    *** Score Submissions ***
  • Winning teams are required to text message scores to BOTH 4729690 (Kevan/Tailgators) AND 6246485 (Ryan/Aces) within 15 minutes of the completion of your game.
  • Please remember to include both team names along with your score. (i.e. Pirates 25 Aces 1)
  • Standings will be automatically updated on-line as the round-robin play progresses shortly after they are sent.
  • Get your scores in quickly. Failure to do so will result in fines and/or loss of tournament winnings (will be strictly enforced) and may result in a forfeit.

    *** Game Rules ***
  • All games are scheduled to be 9 innings. If it rains, please still try to play your games.
  • There are NO TIES! Play extra innings! Scores submitted as a tie will be broken via coin-flip.
  • Mercy Rule (15 runs) in effect after 7 innings.
  • Mercy Rule (25 runs) in effect after 5 innings.
  • No team can win by more than 15 runs. (i.e. Pirates 25 Aces 1 == Pirates 16 Aces 1)
  • A win by forfeit is considered to be a 25-10 score.
  • Higher seed has choice of Home/Visitor on Sunday Games.

    *** Umpiring ***
  • Round Robin Games are SELF UMPED. This is the same as last tourament as feedback was positive for self-umped games.
  • A-Side please follow schedule for umping Sunday games. B/C-Side remain self-umped on Sunday.
  • For A-Side teams that are required to ump alone on Sunday, you must send 4 umps.
  • Failure to provide umpires to required games will result in fines.
  • Failure to provide umpire to A-side Final or Consolation game will result in loss of all tournament winnings.